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Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  ASIATRANS VIETNAM has been growing quickly and proudly become a prestigious Vietnamese shipping company. The flexibility and quality of its work, together with the reliability and speed of its services have brought the Company to where it is today. At Asiatrans Vietnam, we are committed to enhancing these factors in order to make our services the best of the best available.   

Our nation-wide offices and reliable worldwide agency network enable close relationships with our customers and port-orientations, and help us to satisfy the demand of businesses and partners speedily and perfectly. Beyond that, our memberships in professional associations help us greatly to reach a premium position in the shipping industry.

Some of our notable contracts:
  * Packing / Clearing customs / Trucking the shipments of Cham Museum (antique sculptures) for display at an exhibition in Paris (held by Guimet).

  * Forwarding most of the shipments of IRR/IRL to The Nam Hai Resort, the biggest resort in the Central of Vietnam

   * Trucking regular shipments of machines / materials to and from many provinces in Laos: Vientian, Bolikhamsay, Khammuoan, Sanvannakhet, Sekong, Pakce, Saravan, Attapu.

 * Carrying out-of-gauge equipments of a production line of HUDA Beer.

   * Being general agents in Vietnam for many shipping lines.

*  We have handled the first calling of tanker to Can Tho port. We have arranged the maiden voyage for MV Sun Island of JFE - Japan.