As a customs broker certified by General Department of Vietnam Customs, we can declare customs, sign, stamp on behalf of importer/exporter.

Our professional staffs can help you:

  • To Implemet all relating formalities/licences/permits before customs declaration, such as: technical inspection, chemical declaration, quality testing, quarantine checking...

  • To check and apply correct C/O and certificates to get favor conditions on taxes/duties.

  • To declare the right form of customs declaration, such as: processing, import for export, non-commerical purpose, temporary import-reexportation. Quickly declare foods and spareparts for cruise ships is one of our strong points.

  • Correcting the shipping documents to avoid conflict and fines from customs.

  • Placing the right HS Code of specific goods.

Our trained and experienced staffs will take care the declaration process by:

  • Giving good advice to clients to declare the right duties and taxes amount.

  • Contacting customs officers to get the feedback and correct the documents if required.

  • Being always online to help you to transfer the data to customs.

  • Providing additional information and solving issues during customs inspection to shorten the time of clearance.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any inquiry!