With local knowledge, expertise and our strict operational standards, we are here to take care of your interests.

Full Agency services:

  • Cargo Operations (breakbulk carrier, tanker…):

    • Reliable and professional agency people.

    • Deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types.

    • Pre-agreed agency fees in selective ports.

    • Professional accounting staffs that handle PDA as well as Income Tax refund for export shipments from Vietnam.

    • Solid connections with respective port authorities.

  • Cruise ship, training ship:

    • We know how important it is to maintain quality and efficiency of operations.

    • From handling your crew change needs, to providing premium consultancy services, we provide holistic services so as to ensure your passengers and crew a smooth experience onboard.

Husbandry Services:

  • Crew Change:

    • We are able to offer not only reasonable agency fees, but also significant savings through our accomodation, transportation and other services.

  • CTM:

    • Be reassured that any payments to your Master and crew are handled professionally and safely.

  • Spare parts delivery:

    • With our knowledge in customs formality for many years, we are able to quickly clear customs and send spareparts to the vessel in time.


Protective agency for shipowners and charterers:

  • We offer protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call.

  • As protective agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.


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